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Boulder Conscious Rolfing offers individual sessions and packages in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.

Please visit my FAQ page for more information on what to expect.


When our body is free to move it experiences less pain. We can stand and sit effortlessly, and feel more connected to the earth while also lengthening towards the sky. 

My goal is to assist clients in achieving good posture by releasing the soft tissue, allowing the body to align itself in a way that feels natural and works well without any resistance. At Boulder Conscious Rolfing®, we provide individual sessions, three-session packages, and an intensive 10-session package. Each session, whether individual or part of a package, is performed sequentially and builds upon the work of the previous sessions.

Individual Sessions

$105 (60 minutes)*

$150 (90-minutes)**

$190 (120 minutes)*** 

Every session is targeted to the client’s unique, individual needs. Sessions may be pure Rolfing, or they may include other techniques, such as myofascial release, fascia manipulation, craniosacral, visceral manipulation, movement education, etc. This could be a “fix it” session, where the client brings in a specific issue, or it could be one of the 10-series (see below). This is often where clients who are completely new to Rolfing start—a first session to evaluate the effects of Rolfing.

*$90 introductory offer first time client **$130 introductory offer for first-time clients only ***$170 introductory offer first time client

Additional Packages

Individual 90-minute sessions can be applied to the following packages:

  • Rolfing 3 sessions package | 90-minutes | $410

  • Rolfing 10 sessions package | 90-minutes | $1,350

10 Sessions Series: $1,350

Unit 1: Sleeve | 3 sessions

Three sessions that work on the superficial myofascial layers of the body. It explores and expands perceptions from within the client’s body, establishing personal physical boundaries relative to gravity—the perception of “where I am” as an experiential reality, exploring breath patterns, connections to the ground, and how we stand.

Unit 2: Core | 4 sessions

These sessions work on the deeper layer of the body, the deep myofascial tissue, and the relationship within these structures: legs, pelvis, muscles of the back, shoulder, neck, and head relating to each other in a network continuum of tissues and relationships.

It is a profound journey, and deeper muscles and patterns are released and explored. During the “core” sessions, the experiential inquiry of “ Who am I?” is facilitated.

Unit 3: Integration | 3 sessions

The last three sessions pull together all the work done in Units 1 and 2. These sessions improve the functional relationships between the body parts, coordination, and connection within and outside the body.

These sessions bring closure to the work and create a final to chance to address any issues that have not yet been resolved. Note: it may not always be possible to resolve all issues, even within a 10 session series. This is the point at which we would discuss any further work needed.

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