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About Gianluca ‘Nipun’ Fantoni

Certified Rolfer™
Boulder Conscious Rolfing®

My Journey to Rolfing®

I was born in Milan, Italy, and have traveled extensively around the world. After settling in the United States I worked in the trades.

After suffering for many years from chronic back pain, I sought out Rolfing to treat my pain. Through my rolfing sessions I became pain free. It was a life-changing experience for me as it led me to pursue my certification. In 2021, I opened Boulder Conscious Rolfing in Boulder, Colorado. 

Gianluca Fantoni Rolfer

My goal is to help clients improve their physical well-being by reducing pain, increasing their comfort. My approach incorporates the compassion and presence that I have gained through over 30 years of meditation. I also worked as a staff member at Path Retreats, holding space for individuals processing huge life trauma, facilitating swims with wild dolphins, and helping people overcome their fear and panic of water.

Rolfing is a unique holistic approach to healing and works on the connective tissues to enhance body alignment and function while reducing pain. At Boulder Conscious Rolfing, every session is tailored to each client’s unique requirements, and includes deep myofascial release methods and movement cues. Additionally, Craniosacral therapy and Reiki is used to calm the nervous system and help the body to fully integrate the work. My clients include individuals from various professions such as athletes, dancers, musicians, professionals, and workers in the trades.

I am deeply passionate about learning and consider myself a lifelong student. My fluency in English, Italian, and Spanish, along with my knowledge of German. I hold a 730-hour basic Rolfing certificate from the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute and am currently pursuing the 2024 Advanced Rolfing Training with Jan Sultan and Tessy Brungardt, further demonstrating my dedication to expanding my skills and knowledge.

My continued education includes:

  • Craniosacral Therapy (24 hours)

  • Rolf Movement (Feldenkrais method, 75 hours)

  • Intermediate Rolfing Training on the axial complex (24 hours)

  • Intermediate Rolfing Training on the shoulder girdle, arms, and axial relationship (72 hours)

  • Neuromeningeal Manipulation (24 hours)

  • Visceral Manipulation from the Barral (48 hours)

  • Neurovascular Mobilization from Jon Martine Structural Integration Trainings

  • Knowledge of the trauma work of Peter Levine and Steven Porges

Please reach out if you have any questions about Rolfing. 

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